President Trump

Matt McDaniel

8 minute read

As the clock struck midnight and Maryland’s General Assembly adjourned sine die, it was immediately apparent that there was one major story going forward in this election year: Governor Hogan had won, again.

Matt McDaniel

6 minute read

To hear online conservatives tell it, you’d have imagined Donald Trump, at the head of an Antifa legion, crossing the proverbial Rubicon on a march to take away guns from innocent, law-abiding Americans. With GIFs of Dianne Feinstein gleefully rubbing her hands together in-tow, the President’s detractors on the Right climbed to the tops of the nearest ivory towers to light their Virtue Signals.

Matt McDaniel

11 minute read

Caveat: It’s indisputable that there’s going to come a time when something truly important happens and this article will no longer be relevant. However, this is meant as a reflection of current (August 1, 2017) events and the media climate.