Md politics

Matt McDaniel

6 minute read

Gonzales Research, a Maryland-based political polling company with a reputation for getting the numbers pretty close to the actual result, released poll results for Maryland’s gubernatorial race. In short, it found that Governor Hogan has a high approval rating, that his Democratic challengers are all basically unknowns, and that there is a drop-off between liking the Governor and deciding to re-elect him.

Matt McDaniel

5 minute read

Maryland Democrats have been quick to attack Governor Larry Hogan over the Trump Administration’s decision not to move the FBI headquarters into Maryland. The project, which was slated on bring jobs and investment into Maryland was scrapped entirely, not given to another state. There have been concerns at the FBI that the J. Edgar Hoover Building, where the FBI is currently headquartered, is woefully ill-equipped to handle the modern needs to the Bureau. Moreover, FBI leadership has pointed…