GOP Primaries

Matt McDaniel

11 minute read

Caveat: It’s indisputable that there’s going to come a time when something truly important happens and this article will no longer be relevant. However, this is meant as a reflection of current (August 1, 2017) events and the media climate.

Matt McDaniel

4 minute read

Over the weekend President-Elect Trump’s Campaign-Manager-turned-Senior-Strategist KelleyAnne Conway had harsh words for the GOP’s 2012 Presidential nominee, and potential 2017 Secretary of State, Mitt Romney. Citing “the base,” Conway vocally denounced Romney as someone who would cause a great deal of concern over his loyalty from Day One.

Matt McDaniel

3 minute read

Late last night, the Post and Courier (Here) reported that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley had accepted an appointment by President Elect Donald Trump to be US Ambassador to the United Nations. This is a smart choice for both the President Elect and for Governor Haley for several reasons.