Matt McDaniel

8 minute read

As the clock struck midnight and Maryland’s General Assembly adjourned sine die, it was immediately apparent that there was one major story going forward in this election year: Governor Hogan had won, again.

Matt McDaniel

5 minute read

Polls are good at providing snapshots of where people are and what they are thinking at a given time. Granted, we are still, roughly, eight months out of Maryland’s Gubernatorial Election this November, but the field of challengers looking to take on Republican Larry Hogan is now set (Maryland’s campaign filing deadline having passed on February 27). So, it’s a good time to take stock of the race and look at what the future may hold.

Matt McDaniel

6 minute read

To hear online conservatives tell it, you’d have imagined Donald Trump, at the head of an Antifa legion, crossing the proverbial Rubicon on a march to take away guns from innocent, law-abiding Americans. With GIFs of Dianne Feinstein gleefully rubbing her hands together in-tow, the President’s detractors on the Right climbed to the tops of the nearest ivory towers to light their Virtue Signals.