Matt McDaniel

9 minute read

It’s no secret that Republicans don’t always see eye-to-eye on every issue. From establishment moderates to populist firebrands and from neoconservative hawks to libertarian non-interventionists, the GOP has blossomed in the past decade from a Party on the backbench to one that has the White House, Congress, total control in 25 states, 32 state legislatures (17 with veto-proof majorities), and 33 governors’ mansions. It’s a remarkable turnaround since the dismal…

Matt McDaniel

4 minute read

We all know that Governor Larry Hogan has been a champion for Marylanders. Not only did he undertake to stop the implementation of the ridiculous Rain Tax mandate, he has also directly helped our communities in Southeast Baltimore City through lowering tolls and fees. These are the types of quality of life improvements we have needed, and Governor Hogan has delivered.