2018 election

Matt McDaniel

6 minute read

If Maryland’s Gubernatorial race can be compared to sports, yesterday, pitchers and catchers reported for Spring Training. We now have our first, real, tangible insight into the race for Governor: campaign finance disclosures. Sure, math and money may not be the sexiest topics, but, more than just a number on a page, the disclosures tell us about the relative health of campaigns going forward. If yesterday’s disclosures are any indication, Governor Larry Hogan is off to a commanding lead, but…

Matt McDaniel

9 minute read

Update 7/18/17: Republican Mitch McConnell has pulled an effort to replace Obamacare after three conservatives and one liberal in his caucus announced their refusal to support the bill. This underscores the need to pick up additional Senate seats in order to advance President Trump’s agenda.

Matt McDaniel

7 minute read

Here are the four things you need to know before your coffee gets cold, the February 23, 2017 edition: