Matt McDaniel

6 minute read

To hear online conservatives tell it, you’d have imagined Donald Trump, at the head of an Antifa legion, crossing the proverbial Rubicon on a march to take away guns from innocent, law-abiding Americans. With GIFs of Dianne Feinstein gleefully rubbing her hands together in-tow, the President’s detractors on the Right climbed to the tops of the nearest ivory towers to light their Virtue Signals.

Matt McDaniel

9 minute read

It’s no secret that Republicans don’t always see eye-to-eye on every issue. From establishment moderates to populist firebrands and from neoconservative hawks to libertarian non-interventionists, the GOP has blossomed in the past decade from a Party on the backbench to one that has the White House, Congress, total control in 25 states, 32 state legislatures (17 with veto-proof majorities), and 33 governors’ mansions. It’s a remarkable turnaround since the dismal…

Matt McDaniel

8 minute read

Here are the four things you need to know before your coffee gets cold, the March 28, 2017 edition: