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Matt McDaniel

11 minute read

Caveat: It’s indisputable that there’s going to come a time when something truly important happens and this article will no longer be relevant. However, this is meant as a reflection of current (August 1, 2017) events and the media climate.

Matt McDaniel

8 minute read

So, you may have heard that Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie), the singer/rocker/rapper/producer/actor is teasing a bid to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow in the 2018 United States Senate race in Michigan. (And he might be able to win). The reactions have ranged from humor to disbelief to consternation… to laments about the decline of Western Civilization.

Matt McDaniel

10 minute read

The United States, at the direction of President Trump, launched 59 ground-strike Tomahawk missiles from two destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea against an airbase controlled by the Syrian government. This was a retaliation for the Syrian government’s slaughter of civilians with a chemical weapon earlier this week. Here are eight analyses: