Matt McDaniel

3 minute read

The polling wasn’t looking good for the Establishment that year

Seven Governors had dropped out quick, but the path was hardly clear

Perry was the first to drop; then Walker did the same

Jindal never got a chance, and Chris Christie played the game


Ben Sasse from Nebraska urged a split in disarray,

The Speaker and the Leader grumbled they ought to stay

And all through this, for months on end, Ohioans knew a guy

in Johnny Kasich, their own Gov, who the establishment should try.


But the establishment went with brother Bush and then with Marco R

The former’s baggage weighed him down, the latter couldn’t star

And media-types, they ran amok and debating ratings soared

But in all the months of coverage, Governor Kasich was ignored


Jeb couldn’t make is past his name and took a drubbing early on

And Rubio soon followed, lost Florida, then was gone

So there it was as plain as day, laid bare for all to see:

The crowded field of seventeen had narrowed down to three


A thousand-thousand Tweets implored the voters “Never Trump”

(Though those who most malign the man make money from his grump)

The Tweets resounded all the way from New York to DC

And thus they came to Kasich, the Gov who didn’t flee.


The oft-quoted maxim reads that “nice guys finish last”

But Kasich’s image handlers felt that this sentiment has passed

When voters find themselves in times of tumult such as these

The proper thing, Gov Kasich thought, is to put them back at ease.


“Let’s not deport all Muslims” Kasich said unto the crowd

“Perhaps it’s best we welcome neighbors with principles, unbowed”

Then he went and recounted that his dad delivered mail

(An all-to-often cited fact whilst he’s been on the trail).


“We’ve reduced our taxes” Kasich grins, “we care for those in need”

“We’ve brought back jobs and pushed for hope regardless of your creed”

When tasked with balancing budgets, Kasich’s been on the ball

“But most important,” Kasich knows “I’ll beat Hillary in the Fall”


So the votes came in Ohio and Kasich finished out on top

“We’re gonna keep on going. Pennsylvania’s our next stop.”

The last of many figures left on the establishment marquee

Hoping to go to Cleveland, then, and be the nominee.


[This rhyme, of course, ends here on three-seventeen

I might updated it if anything new or fun is seen

The delegate math is brutal for Kasich to get ahead

But at an open convention, it matters little who has led.


Kasich’s share of delegates is one-hundred forty three

That’s many hundreds fewer than where he’d like to be

With Trump nearing seven-hundred and Cruz at four-eleven

Kasich has no “voting chance” to reach twelve-thirty-seven


But if that number evades them all and none get full first-place

Then we can see how Kasich was wise to run the race

For in an open convention, on ballots then unbound

John Kasich has the outside chance to be the common ground.


And so with this I’ll leave you, unlike the piece from which I stole,

Perhaps a bit more optimistic in this “poem before the poll”:

The establishment is reeling and only Trump gets on TV

But there may yet be some hope for John to be our next VP]